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Fisher Scientific Micro Centrifuge Model 235c with bag of tubes


Fisher Scientific Micro 7 Mini Microcentrifuge 12 Slot 7200g 13501


Centrifuge VWR Galaxy 5D Microcentrifuge (Galaxy 16D) #37001-594


Mini microcentrifuge lab centrifuge low speed small quick spin ship from US New


220V Mini Professional Microcentrifuge Laboratory Centrifuge 4000RPM US FAST SP


Eppendorf 5415C Micro Centrifuge w/ 18-tube, 11 mm x 40 mm Rotor F45-18-11


Benchmark Scientific MC-12 High Speed MicroCentrifuge C1612, 115V, NEW


Benchmark Scientific MiniFuge 12 MicroCentrifuge w/ Combi Rotor C1012, 115V, NEW


Thermo IEC MEDILITE 6PL Microcentrifuge


Labnet Hermle MR-2 24-Slot 1000RPM 30-min Timer Lab Bench Top Micro Centrifuge


VWR Scientific Model V Microcentrifuge With 6 Place Rotor Used Tested




Eppendorf Mini Spin Microcentrifuge with Warranty SEE VIDEO


Eppendorf 5424 Microcentrifuge with Rotor and Warranty SEE VIDEO


EPPENDORF 5418 MICROCENTRIFUGE 100-1400 RPM 120V 2.8A [#22,754]


Fisher Scientific Micro-Centrifuge Model 235A 16 Tube Works 115V 3.8A 60Hz


Benchmark Scientific MC-12 High Speed Microcentrifuge


SCILOGEX D2012 High Speed Personal Micro-Centrifuge 110V 91101511


CELLTREAT 2.0mL Micro Centrifuge Tube, 5000/Case, Sterile, #229446


CELLTREAT 1.5mL Micro Centrifuge Tube, 5000/Case, Sterile, #229443


Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415 Microcentrifuge With Rotor


CELLTREAT 0.5mL Micro Centrifuge Tube, 5000/Case, Sterile, #229440


Thermo Sorvall Legend Micro 21 R MicroCentrifuge w/ 24 x 4g 75003524 rotor


NEW Beckman Coulter Centrifuge B30147 Microcentrifuge Microfuge 20r 120V 60 Hz


NEW Revolutionary Science 220v Digital Micro Centrifuge 10K


NEW Revolutionary Science 110v Digital Micro Centrifuge 10K


NEW Scilogex Whisper Quiet Digital LCD Micro Centrifuge w/ 24 Place Rotor


Benchmark Scientific LC-8 15ml Microtube Micro Centrifuge


Revolutionary Science RS-102 Microcentrifuge


Revolutionary Science Microcentrifuge RS-102


Eppednorf 5417C Non refrigerated Benchtop Microcentrifuge w/Rotor 45-30-11


Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415 C Microcentrifuge with rotor F-45-18-11


Benchmark Scientific myFuge C1012 Micro Centrifuge w/ Rotor


VWR Model Galaxy 16 Analog Microcentrifuge with Rotor


Fisons Micro Centrifuge MicroCentaur


DLAB 9031004012 D1008 Palm Micro-Centrifuge With Yellow Lid, Including Two Rotor