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Cybertron Lot

Transformers Cybertron Era Key Lot of Over 45


Transformers Generations WFC CLIFFJUMPER Complete War For Cybertron Lot


TRANSFORMERS Generations Fall of Cybertron Lot Blaster Soundwave Laserbeak CW


Transformers Fall of Cybertron Voyager Class Grimlock Lot *Complete* FOC


Transformers Fall of Cybertron Bruticus Generations Darkmount Lot FOC  Hasbro TF


Transformers Cybertron SNARL Deluxe Figure lot


Mixed Lot of (10) Transformer Energon/Cybertron Figures Complete


transformers Large Cybertron Lot (8 MIB) Thundercracker, Armorhide, Scattershot


Transformers Cybertron MENASOR Ultra Class Figure Lot


Transformers Cybertron DIRTBOSS Deluxe Hasbro Lot


Transformers Cybertron CANNONBALL Deluxe Figure Lot


Transformers Cybertron LONGRACK Deluxe Figure Lot


Hasbro Transformers Cybertron lot, Undermine and Backstop, both complete


Transformers Generations Fall Of Cybertron AIR RAID Moc New FOC Lot


Transformers Cybertron Legends Autobots lot Optimus Prime Jetfire 7 in all MOC


Transformers Foc GRIMLOCK Misb New voyager Fall Of Cybertron Lot


Transformers Cybertron Mixed Class Lot Jetfire Galaxy Force Prime Brimstone ++++


Transformers Cybertron SOUNDWAVE Voyager Lot 2006


Transformers Cybertron Legends Class Hot Shot Lot *Complete*


Hasbro Transformer Generations Fall Of Cybertron Blaster Eject Ramhorn Lot


Transformers United Wfc DARKSIDE MEGATRON Complete War For Cybertron Lot


Takara Transformers Cybertron Con 2013 Exclusive Henkei JETFIRE Complete Lot




Transformers Fall of Cybertron Blaster & Soundwave With cassettes LOT


Transformers Generations Voyager Class Lot SOUNDBLASTER BLASTER fall cybertron


Transformers Cybertron REPUGNUS UNDERMINE SCATTORSHOT Scout Figure Lot


Transformers Titans Return Chaos On Velocitron and Siege on Cybertron loose lot


Transformers Cybertron EVAC Hasbro Complete Voyager Helicopter Lot


Transformers LOT Universe Inferno Soundwave Titanium Jetfire Cybertron Exillion


Hasbro Transformers Cybertron parts & repair lot BROKEN INCOMPLETE




Transformers Foc GRIMLOCK complete voyager Fall Of Cybertron Lot


Transformers Generations Fall Cybertron Thundercracker w/ Starscream weapons lot


Transformers Cybertron Armada Powerglide Jetfire Downshift ~ weapons / parts lot


1990s-2000s Transformers Energon Cybertron Machine Wars Figure Lot Parts Repair


Transformers PRIMUS Door Shield Outer Cybertron Supreme Class Parts Lot


Transformers Cybertron cyberkey force chip auction galaxy force 11 cyberkey lot


Transformers armada, cybertron, armada figure lot


Transformers War for Cybertron Deluxe Cliffjumper Lot *Complete* WFC Deluxe


TRANSFORMERS Generations Fall Of Cybertron SIDESWIPE Weapon Gun Part Lot


Swerve Cybertron series Transformer Collection Complete lot w/ instructions


Transformers Animated deluxe cybertron mode RATCHET - 100% complete figure lot


Transformers Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Class Jazz Lot *Complete* FOC Generations